Man checking fire extinguishers

The Importance of a Fire Risk Assessment

By law, all organisations with 5 or more employees must complete an annual fire risk assessment to identify areas of risk within their operation and premises. However, fire risk assessments are more than simply a box-ticking exercise; their findings are of vital importance to the safety of your employees and…

Security surveillance camera against a blue sky

How to Keep Your Business Safe Over Summer

As the summer season arrives and we all look forward to trips away and leaving work promptly to enjoy the early evening sun, it’s important to think about the increased security risks that the summertime can potentially bring to your business. Here’s some useful tips on how to keep your…

Motion Sensor Intruder Alarm Activated

Intruder alarm trends for 2022

For most homes and place of work, a good intruder alarm is the bare minimum security solution. So millions of alarms are currently installed across the country, some utilising the latest in smart technology and other many years or even decades old. It’s predicted that as many as one in…

Security Camera Installation in Cambridge - Advance

Lee Security Exciting News for 2022

CCTV is a practical and cost effective way to deter intruders or thieves from your business premises, and can also be a great way to encourage productivity in the workplace. At Advance Security, we offer a range of CCTV systems for businesses throughout Cambridge and East Anglia, and are experts at installing both covert and overt security cameras to help you keep an eye on your premises 24/7.