The Importance of a Fire Risk Assessment

Man checking fire extinguishers

By law, all organisations with 5 or more employees must complete an annual fire risk assessment to identify areas of risk within their operation and premises. However, fire risk assessments are more than simply a box-ticking exercise; their findings are of vital importance to the safety of your employees and premises. At Lee Security, we’ve…

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How to Keep Your Business Safe Over Summer

Security surveillance camera against a blue sky

As the summer season arrives and we all look forward to trips away and leaving work promptly to enjoy the early evening sun, it’s important to think about the increased security risks that the summertime can potentially bring to your business. Here’s some useful tips on how to keep your business safe over the summer.…

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Graded vs ungraded security alarms

Gloved intruder breaking into a home

Grades are important – they let us know how qualified something is and whether or not we should trust an individual, a business or a product with our money. When it comes to your home security intruder alarms, it’s even more vital to ensure you’re getting quality service from a quality product and, while unbiased…

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5 fire hazards to avoid in your workplace

Fire burning around an office computer

The workplace is where we spend roughly half of our waking lives. It’s also typically a hub that sees dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people passing through at all times of the day and night. In such an environment, there are always going to be safety risks to consider and chief among them is…

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Intruder alarm trends for 2022

Motion Sensor Intruder Alarm Activated

For most homes and place of work, a good intruder alarm is the bare minimum security solution. So millions of alarms are currently installed across the country, some utilising the latest in smart technology and other many years or even decades old. It’s predicted that as many as one in four households will have an…

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5 ways to prevent fire in a warehouse or factory

Fire in a warehouse

Fire can be utterly devastating to a business and put its employees at serious risk. And while fire is certainly a potential problem for all working environments it poses more of a threat in a factory or warehouse. Here, fire poses not only a risk to business assets but also to workers’ lives. There are…

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What happens to your security system during a power cut?

A man looking in a fuse box during a power cut

There are few things in life more frustrating than a power cut. It always seems to happen at the most inopportune moments – when we’ve just settled in for a night of Netflix or when the baby has just dropped off to sleep. But aside from the inconvenience of having your night ruined, when the…

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Do physical and cybersecurity need to converge?

In recent years, there has been so much made of the need for increased cybersecurity that, for many, physical security has become something of secondary concern. The fact of the matter is, however, that they might not actually be completely separate entities for long. Indeed, there are already signs of convergence happening, with many modern physical…

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You’re covered – The benefits of a security maintenance contract

There are few inconveniences as inconvenient as dealing with downtime when it comes to our security systems. If the security system is out of commission then it’s not only going to be incredibly disruptive while you sort the problem but it leaves your business open to potential criminal threats. Hours can be spent finding the…

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